About 2-Gen Austin


Two-Generation (2-Gen) strategies intentionally and systematically connect services and opportunities for adults and children for larger, longer lasting impacts on the economic success of a family. Examples of these include wraparound services in schools and investment in post-secondary education for adults. 

First-year graduate students at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, under the leadership of Dr. Christopher King, participated in a year-long policy research project (PRP) aimed at identifying a relevant policy issue, collecting and analyzing data regarding this issue, and proposing solutions or strategies to improve the underlying problem.  Students work with a client directly involved with or affected by the identified policy issue to determine deliverables that would add to the existing research of the issue area.  The client of this PRP, United Way for Greater Austin, commissioned this project to guide its 2-Gen anti-poverty strategies. Project deliverables included a local needs assessment, asset map, evaluation strategy, and labor market analysis, coupled with programmatic and policy recommendations to sustain an effective 2-Gen "ecosystem" in the Greater Austin area.





                                                             Ascend Center's Two Generation "Gear Diagram"    Source: Aspen Institute

                                                            Ascend Center's Two Generation "Gear Diagram"

Source: Aspen Institute