Dr. Christopher King


Teams Served: Program Evaluations, PRP director
Policy Interests: Antipoverty strategies, workforce & education policy, labor economics
Bio: Dr. Christopher King is a labor economist, lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin’s Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, and senior research scientist at the School’s Ray Marshall Center, which he directed from 1991 to 2014. In 2012, he was selected as one of twenty leaders in the Aspen Institute’s inaugural class of Ascend Fellows. He co-led a team that designed and implemented CareerAdvance®, Tulsa’s award-winning 2-Generation program, in 2009, and has been part of the team evaluating the program since 2011 with colleagues at Northwestern, NYU and Columbia. He initiated and co-chairs Austin’s 2-Generation Advisory Committee.

Amit Motwani


Teams Served: PRP Advisor

Elizabeth Nelson


 PRP Advisor



Anna Crockett


Teams Served: Labor Market Analysis, Outcome Evaluation Metrics 
Policy Interests: Economic Policy, Especially With Regards To Labor Policy, Workforce Development, and Antipoverty Strategies
Bio: Anna is currently pursuing her Master's of Public Affairs at the LBJ School at UT Austin. Originally from the Dallas area, she received her Bachelor's in Spanish from UT Austin in 2012. Prior to attending the LBJ School, she did a year of service with AmeriCorps and worked in the nonprofit sector in Austin. Upon graduation from the LBJ School, Anna plans to work on economic inequality issues in Houston, Texas.

Ashley Barraza


Teams Served: Project Management, Report Writing, Publishing, & Distribution
Policy Interests: Local Policy, Urban Management
Bio: Ashley is interested in addressing local issues through effective management practices and innovative solutions and currently serves as a Terrell Blodgett Fellow in Urban Management and Finance. A Dallas-area native, her love for the Metroplex and desire to serve this community has led her to pursue a career in local government with plans to return to the area upon completion of her degree. Ashley holds a B.S. in Preprofessional Studies from the University of Notre Dame. 

Charles Demakis


Teams Served: Program Evaluations, Lit Review
Policy Interests: Labor Policy, Workforce Development, Inequality and Social Policy
Bio: Charlie spent eight years teaching English in Berlin, Germany, before coming to the LBJ School to study for a career in public affairs. After graduation, he plans on working in social policy analysis and program evaluation.

Danielle Liu


Teams Served: Needs Assessment, Planning and Scheduling
Policy Interests: 2-Gen, Communities In Schools, Restorative Justice
Bio: Originally from New York, Danielle received her bachelor's in Elementary and Special Education from Messiah College, Pennsylvania. After graduating, she moved to Oahu, Hawaii and taught special education at Mililani Middle School for four years. Recognizing the disparities in race, income, and policies surrounding special education, she decided to pursue a Master of Education in Education Policy and Planning. This 2-Gen policy research project has inspired her future work in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Eunice Ko


Teams Served: Program Evaluations, Needs Assessment
Policy Interests: Urban Management, Social Policy, and City Planning
Bio:  Eunice is a Master of Public Affairs candidate at the University of Texas-Austin’s Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. She is interested in how local government advances social equity and equality, delivers core services, and operates day-to-day. Before graduate school, Eunice worked for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Office for three years where she gained insight on the operations of local government. There, she recognized the importance of cities to create innovative, creative policies when state and federal governments cannot. She holds a BA in International Relations and a minor in Public Health from Boston University. 

Gokul Raj Boobathy

Chennai, TN, India | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Asset Mapping, Needs Assessment
Policy Interests: Macroeconomic Policy Of Emerging Markets, Development Policy Of Developing Nations.
Bio: Gokul Raj is currently pursuing his Master's in Public Policy Analysis at the LBJ School, UT Austin. His research area includes macroeconomic and development policies of emerging markets and he plans to further his research after he graduates from UT Austin in May 2018. Originally from Chennai, TN, India, he has a Bachelor's in Mechatronics Engineering from SASTRA University, Thanjavur, TN, India. He was engrossed towards pursuing Policy Studies as he felt it has a direct impact on the society. 

Jacob Kowalski

Madison, WI | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Asset Mapping, Needs Assessment
Policy Interests: Community and Economic Development, Affordable Housing, Workforce Development, Education, Social Welfare Policy.
Bio:  Jake is a first year Master of Public Affairs student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT-Austin with a strong interest in local government. His long-term goal is to eventually serve as a city manager. Jake is currently exploring state politics as an intern at the Texas Legislature. Outside of his academic studies, he is an avid traveler, outdoor sports enthusiast, very amateur chef and foodie, and purveyor of dad jokes.

Joshua Cuddy


Teams Served: Asset Mapping, Needs Assessment
Policy Interests: Social Policy, Labor Policy, Mental Health Policy
Bio: Josh is currently a dual Master candidate in Public Affairs and Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin. His academic interests center around mental health policy, labor policy, program evaluation, and innovation within non-profits. Currently, Josh works as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Institute for Organizational Excellence where he conducts employee engagement research and custom survey projects for both state agencies and non-profits. 

Krista Ziehler

Fort Lauderdale, FL | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Program Evaluations, Project Management
Policy Interests: Workforce Development, Criminal Justice, Water Policy
Bio: Krista is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and moved to Austin to begin a Master's program at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Krista has a B.S. in Political Science and International Affairs from Florida State University. Krista has worked in fundraising and opposition research on several political campaigns, and spent three years as a legislative aide to a Florida state representative. Krista is interested in developing workforce and anti-poverty initiatives policies for state legislatures. 

Matt Worthington


Teams Served: Asset Mapping, Needs Assessment
Policy Interests: Economic, Education, Housing, Criminal Justice, & Workforce Development Policies
Bio: Matt is interested in sustainable, innovative solutions to creating opportunity for those most marginalized in America. As a former educator & district technology administrator for DC Public Schools and KIPP Austin Public Schools, Matt focuses his studies on how thoughtful interaction at the nexus of domestic policies can dramatically improve opportunity and outcomes for vulnerable communities. Matt holds a B.A. in English from Abilene Christian University and a M.Ed. from George Mason University. He lives in Austin with his wife, Jess, and their two girls, Giselle and Amelia.

Megan Schneider

Houston, TX | MBA 2017

Teams Served: Labor Market Analysis, Outcome Evaluation Metrics 
Policy Interests: Early Childhood Education, Parent Education
Bio: Prior to business school, Megan worked in the education sector for seven years, including as an elementary school teacher and program manager for a parent education pilot program. She also worked as public policy manager at a Houston non-profit focused on state-level adult education and workforce development. She now works as a consultant at Deloitte in their human capital consulting practice.

Dr. Mike O'Connor

Indianapolis, IN | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Program Evaluations, Lit Review 
Policy Interests: Economic Inequality; Employment Policy; Economic Regulation
Bio: Mike is currently a policy student at the LBJ school, interested in the intersection of economics, politics and policy. He was formerly a US political and intellectual historian who taught at the New York Institute of Technology, Penn State Erie and Georgia State University. Mike is the author of A Commercial Republic: America's Enduring Debate over Democratic Capitalism (Kansas, 2014).

Natasha Bylenok

Seattle, WA | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Program Evaluations, Outcome Evaluation Metrics 
Policy Interests: Social Policy, Economic Policy, Labor Policy, Education Policy
Bio: Natasha received her BA (Hons) in Political Studies from the University of Auckland. After graduation she moved to Austin where she has worked in campaigning, human resources and administration. She is the president of the Graduate Public Affairs Council, a Graduate Fellow with the UT Center for Politics and Governance and a member of the President’s Student Advisory Committee. Tasha is interested in social and economic policy, particularly labor policy. 

Renee Poisson


Teams Served: Asset Mapping, Report Writing, Publishing, & Distribution
Policy Interests: Education Policy, Health Policy
Bio: Renee is a Masters of Public Affairs candidate at the University of Texas Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Her interests include education, healthcare, and economic policy. Renee graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2012 and began teaching elementary school shortly thereafter through Teach For America in San Antonio, Texas, where she taught in both charter and public schools for four years.

Roosevelt Neely


Teams Served: Program Evaluations, Lit Review
Policy Interests: Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Education Policy
Bio: Roosevelt is interested in policy and programs which address inequities that communities of color experience as a result of systemic racism. He earned a B.S. in Kinesiology and Psychology from the University of Houston in 2015, then worked in leadership with direct service nonprofits anchored in mentoring, hunger relief, and education. His desire to enhance the scale and efficiency of his abilities and impact led him to pursue an education at the LBJ School. He is a creative, enthusiastic professional with experience in community engagement, writing, research, and policy analysis.

Rosalia Eveline

Jakarta, Indonesia | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Needs Assessment, Planning & Scheduling 
Policy Interests: Program/Project Management, Development Projects, International Affairs
Bio: Rosa's policy interests include development program/project management and international affairs. After graduating from LBJ, she is planning to work in a think tank to deepen her research and writing skills. Her career goal is to manage global development programs/projects in a major donor agency.

Sarah Koestler

Wheaton, IL | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Asset Mapping, Report Writing, Publishing, & Distribution
Policy Interests: Parent Support Programs, Early Childhood Education, Program Evaluation
Bio: Sarah Koestler is an MPAff student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. She is interested in community programs that support the whole family, program evaluation and data, and effective nonprofit leadership. Most recently, she worked at the SAFE Alliance as the Project Manager for Project HOPES, a community-wide parent support and education program. She is also on the board of VSA Texas, the state organization for arts and disability.

Stephanie Levine

Chicago, IL | MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Labor Market Analysis, Needs Assessment
Policy Interests: Urban Affairs, Intergovernmental Relations, City Management
Bio: Stephanie is a Masters of Public Affairs Candidate at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and a former AmeriCorps service member. She has professional experience in intergovernmental communications, state affairs, and researching data-driven policy solutions. Prior to pursuing her masters, she conducted policy and program research on utility regulation and energy efficiency. 

Susan Phan

Fort Worth, TX| MPAFF 2018

Teams Served: Lit Review, Report Writing, Publishing, & Distribution
Policy Interests: Education Policy, Children and Youth Policy, Social Policy
Bio: Susan Phan comes from Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in Political Science. She is currently a first year student in the Master of Public Affairs program with policy interests that include social and education policy issues regarding anti-poverty measures and related program analysis. During the policy research project, she worked with the literature review team and the project management team. Additionally, she participated in field visits to San Antonio and Dallas to observe organizations that employ a two-generation strategy.